One Bunker Hill stands unique among the architecture that blankets this important business development in the northern section of downtown Los Angeles. It is not distinguished by position, for the glass and granite-faced IBM and Wells Fargo towers and the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) crown the top of the plateau. The 13-story office building is certainly not striking by scale since it will be dwarfed by its immediate neighbor, the 73-story Library Tower, due for completion in the summer of 1989. Yet, with its Moderne-Classical motifs and strong vertical bands, One Bunker Hill is both a witness to and participant in the history of downtown Los Angeles. It outranks all others on Bunker Hill by longevity, surviving decades of neglect and wear to be rescued by popular interest in architectural preservation and the efforts of Westgroup Partners and its assembled team of designers and artisans.

Founded in 1979, Los Angeles-based Westgroup Partners specializes in the renovation Of vintage Structures in the downtown areas. It aims to preserve each building's architectural character while updating its technologies to be with new structures. Other downtown landmarks by which the company is known for its preservation work include the pacific Mutual Building and The Biltmore Hotel. ' 'We have always contended that, given a building with a location, architecturally significant exterior facade, a magnificent marble and gold leaf detailed ground floor lobby and office floor areas With efficiencies comparable to new structures, it should be able to attract tenants," reasons Charles R. Lande, executive vice president, Westgroup Partners...

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